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Welcome to Southern Land Rover


My names Nick, Im British and all of my adult life I have worked with Land Rover’s. I moved to Portugal in 2010 and quickly and began to buy and sell rust free Land Rovers for export and restoration and realising the difficulty in obtaining parts and quality mechanical services locally I finally decided to make my 35 year passion my full time business and opened SLR in the summer of 2020.


I started my career as an automotive engineering apprentice with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in London, England in 1986. During the course of my apprenticeship I worked on many military and civilian vehicles including the then prime minister Margaret Thatchers armoured Jaguar. One of our regular MOD exercises were stripping down and rebuilding military series 3 and Defenders. 


The MOD operates to a very high standard as reliability is absolutely paramount and no shortcuts are ever taken. The more I worked on Land Rovers the more I enjoyed their quirks and idiosyncrasies, so much so that at 19 years of age I bought my first range Rover two-door series 1 V8 and from that point on I have never not owned a Land Rover product.


Since those early days I have worked continually with Land Rover and I've been involved directly with the factory and worked on some of the companies big events over the years. I have worked with VIP Land Rover customers, launched new vehicles and became heavily involved in fault diagnostics and repair as a business and in my spare time, together with a a specialist group of world class suppliers I have had the pleasure to rebuild and restore some of the worlds finest four-wheel-drive’s. 


I also have a passion for motorsport and I have the privilege to be the lead mechanic in a historic rally team currently working with a 1967 Aston Martin DB6 and a 1963 Jaguar MKII.


My life has been spent working with Land Rover products and I am delighted to be able to offer my expertise and services via Southern Land Rover. 


Have a look around the site and if you need help with anything please contact me directly.

Nick Ray

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